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We build the Best Education environment for children
And direct them to express themselves with clarity.


First Guide Kidz has a well researched, integrated and scientifically developed theme based curriculum and has adapted Montessori, Play way, Reggio Emilia teaching methodologies. The child’s development in each domain (language, personality, physical, cognitive, and creativity) is sustained, extended and enhanced primarily through activities that promote purposeful play. Projects are usually done in artwork and when they do art, they learn to draw and formulate their own concept. Thus helping the natural development of the child.

Play Group


Play Group Age(1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs)

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Children will experience a gentle transition from home to school without their mommies. The Explorers program will be designed to foster confidence, independence and social development. At this age, they will learn language and pre-math skills intertwined with science and practical life. They will learn about the world they live in and become independent little humans.





Age (3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs)


This is a transition stage where the four year old realizes they can do more for themselves. We encourage hugging, talking, sharing and cooperation to develop self-esteem and self-control. More practical life skills like manage their own activities and learning to tell time are developed by the children


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testimonial person The Family Day Event was very well organised.Playing Events, even we remembered our School Days. Along with kids we too enjoyed lot, Thank you FGK Play School HSR Layout.

Lakshmi and Vinay

( Anisha Anusha’s Parents )
testimonial person Unique, Creative ideas to bring in togetherness, fun for the whole family, had a great day at FGK Banshankari.

Sadana & Ambareesha

(Nursery Child Chandan’s Parents)
testimonial person The institution is good for my child’s development. The environment is very good for a child’s learning and development.


( Child Mayukshi’s Mom )
testimonial person School is very Nice for the Education, They teach very Well. My Child enjoys her Play.


( Nursery Child Anvitha’s Mom )
testimonial person Had a good time with all the faculty and other kids family members. Good Work!!!.

Shwetha & Manjunath

( PP1 Child Dhanvi’s Parents )
testimonial person It was a nice event, enjoyed a lot with FGK family. Excellent Work!!!.

Sreekala and Nagaraj

( Nursery Child Swarnika’s Parents )


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Admissions open for session 2017 -2018

At FGK, we have developed a distinct curriculum
that is designed to nurture and challenge
a child’s diverse intellectual...


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Admissions open for session 2017 -2018

Our core curriculum consists of Practical Life,
Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography and
elements of Science and Art.
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First Guide Kidz school is one of the best preschool in HSR layout .It provides all the facilities which are necessary for the all round development of a growing child. They understand that a child needs a safe and hygienic environment, as his immune system has not become strong to fight against the environmental challenges. There is an area of 2500 square feet where the staff takes care of the complete cleaning process every day. There are programmes for daycare, preschool level, with a set of syllabus and activities, through which education is made fun and interesting for a child’s curious mind. The programmes are made after completely analyzing the age group of a child and the lessons to be taught at that level. The environment of the school is made in such a manner that the child feels comfortable. Trained teachers ,who are experienced in taking care of a child’s special needs are available for each child .For that teacher and child ratio is maintained so that no child gets neglected. All the teachers who have been recruited in the school have got the professional nursery teacher training in Bangalore. Explorers program is designed to make each child confident and independent . This helps the child to come forward in a world, where it is very much necessary to become a strong individual. As the child grows, he starts understanding the way the world works and tries to express his interest and views . First Guide Kidz is a platform where the child can express his interest , views and showcase his talent. This helps in better understanding of a child, so that with interaction, the teacher can unlock the hidden talent of each and every child and polish it to be presented to the outside world. Practical skills are imbibed in a child’s learning program so that he can manage his own activities . They look into the physical , cognitive, personal and social development of a child. As the world has changed rapidly , the demand to be successful in real life, not only depends on academic achievements but the overall personality of a person. There is an outdoor play area so that the child can play freely with other children ,thus maintaining the physical health of the child .It is seen that children learn faster when there is an activity involved in the process, so an activity based learning method is also included in the program. First Guide Kidz maintains regular interaction with the parents of the child to understand their concern and needs of the child, understand the family environment at home of a child, which can help the teachers to take better care of the child. Their management understands that every child is precious to their parents for which CCTV cameras has been installed at all the important locations of the school, to monitor and track every activity of the child and others ,for the safety of the child. The school also provides parenting tips for each and every parent after analyzing the behavior of the child at school so that they can handle the child in a good manner at home by knowing the reason of their tantrum and mood swings. Their programmes have been hugely appreciated by the parents, which has made them one of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore and many of them have rated them as the best nursery school in Bangalore. Along with the school programmes , First Guide Kidz provides other after school programmes such as Vedic maths, abacus, calligraphy, handwriting classes, acrylic painting, candle making, jewellery making, art & craft, sloka classes, dance ,karate classes. This helps in the social development of a child thus making him to face the world in an interactive and intellectual level. They have their branches in Kasavanahalli, R R Nagar, Banashankari, Harlur Road, JP Nagar, Neeladri Road (E City),Kammasandra .The services in their branch school are also on the same level provided in their corporate office. This has also made them one of the best preschool in Kasavanahalli, electronics city and other areas. It is highly recommended that, if any of the person who is looking for the best preschool or daycare center in Bangalore they should prefer “First Guide Kidz” school first for the best development of their child.