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We build the Best Education environment for children
And direct them to express themselves with clarity.


From age 2 to 5, kids try to become comfortable in expressing with words During these years, they also learn self-control. They're learning how to calm themselves when they get excited, frightened, or upset. At this time, preschoolers also begin to build their self-confidence.
How can you help?
  1. Each child is unique.
    Each child is different in his/her own way, including siblings.  Never compare your child to any other child.
  2. Encourage playtime.
    Playtime is when your child is more open, more attentive and learns the best. Play helps kids develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. They learn to work in groups, develop their imagination, and learn to stand up for themselves, create, explore, and lead.
  3. Do not put label on your child.
    As pointed earlier, each child is different and they have their own personality to develop without being shaped by your (or anyone else's) views. So, it is best to avoid labeling your child with words like shy, bossy, emotional, tough etc.
  4. Set an example.
    Your child probably sees and imitates you the most. So let's model politeness, sharing, and patience.
  5. Don't expect your child to be your image!
    This may sound too obvious or clichéd, but unknowingly we expect our children to do and behave as we are. Maybe you're very outgoing, focused, quiet, or shy. You may want your child to be like that, too. But it's much more important that your child discover themselves as they are.
Tantrums are normal for toddlers and preschoolers. Toddlers feel so passionately about everything, and they simply don't have enough socio-emotional capacity yet to control themselves when they're upset. However, most tantrums are avoidable. Since many tantrums are a result of feeling helpless. And since toddlers who are tired and hungry don't have the inner resources to handle frustration, managing your toddler's life so he isn't irritable when he's hungry or tired will reduce tantrums.
Few tips to keep a check on your toddler’s tantrums
  1. Most tantrums are a result of kids being hungry or tired, so we need to plan ahead.
    Scheduled and on-time feeding, disciplined bedtimes, cozy times, peaceful quiet time without media stimulation (T.V, mobiles, tablets etc.) prevent most tantrums, and hekp to calm down the children. Don't ever drag your hungry or tired kid to the store. Make do or do it tomorrow.
  2. Make sure you spend “quality time” with your child.
    Kids who feel needy or ignored are more likely to tantrum. If you've been separated all day, make sure you reconnect at the end of day; talk to them about what they did today, what you did today. Share some funny experience once in a while if you have had. E.g. “I bumped myself into a glass door.” Or “I spilled some juice on my shirt.”
  3. “You don’t always have to be right”
    Treat your child like an adult. Give her the reassurance that she is a real person, with some real emotions / ideas in the world. Let her say no whenever you can do so without compromise to safety, health, or other member’s / sibling’s rights. She doesn’t need to do exactly as you say because you think you are right.
  4. When do we get angry?
    Like all of us, your child’s anger is a defense against more uncomfortable feelings – vulnerability / fear / hurt / grief (even if it has stemmed from you not giving him an icecream!). If you can get him to talk and express his underlying feelings, his anger will gradually fade away. Last, but not the least, you need to reconnect with your child after the tantrum: First, take some “we time” together to reconnect and reassure. (No, this is not "rewarding" the tantrum as you are connecting after the tantrum phase has passed.) And this is the quality time that you need to spend with her; else she wouldn't have had the tantrum to begin with!

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testimonial person Unique, Creative ideas to bring in togetherness, fun for the whole family, had a great day at FGK Banshankari.

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testimonial person The institution is good for my child’s development. The environment is very good for a child’s learning and development.


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testimonial person School is very Nice for the Education, They teach very Well. My Child enjoys her Play.


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testimonial person Had a good time with all the faculty and other kids family members. Good Work!!!.

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