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We build the Best Education environment for children
And direct them to express themselves with clarity.

Parents can walk in to all the FGK Preschool centers with prior intimation to the Centre manager. With this, parents not only get the details they are looking for, but can also go on for a school tour (allowed only after the class hours). Please carry the birth certificate and 4 passport size photographs of your child for admission in to FGK. You can also apply online for any of the programs and we will get in touch with you.
Admissions are open all throughout the year, but purely on the basis of availability of seats and hence we recommend blocking seats well in advance.
Our Academic year runs from June to April, divided in to 2 terms.
We have a healthy 1:8 adult child ratio and if the no. of kids increases to approximately 12 then adult child ratio of 2:12 comes in to existence, which means for every 12 kids there is one teacher and one support staff.
First Guide Kidz has a well researched, integrated and scientifically developed theme based curriculum and has adapted Montessori, Play way, Reggio Emilia teaching methodologies. The child’s development in each domain (language, personality, physical, cognitive, and creativity) is sustained, extended and enhanced primarily through activities that promote purposeful play.Projects are usually done in artwork and when they do art, they learn to draw and formulate their own concept. Thus, helping the natural development of the child.
The fee charged will depend on the area and facilities available at the Centre.
The fee charged will depend on the area and facilities available at the Centre.
Yes, we do have uniform for all the grades and the frequency of wearing it differs from grade to grade. This uniform will be a part of student kit given at the time of admission. Uniform at school not only provides a sense of togetherness and equality among children but also gives them a neat and a well groomed look.
For the first few days, we give more importance to kids getting adjusted to the new environment of school and so we do not hesitate in conversing with the child in a vernacular language, especially of toddler and nursery grade. Once the child gets used to school and the new environment he/she is in, English takes the place of vernacular language gradually. Thus,English becomes the mandatory mode of instruction in school, giving child a comfortable language learning experience.
FGK kids are always accompanied by teachers and sub staff when outdoor and are never left alone under any circumstances.
Each program has a specific age criteria and it is as follows,

  • Play group (1.5 - 2.5 yrs)
  • Nursery (2.5 - 3.5 yrs)
  • KG1 (3.5 - 4.5 yrs)
  • KG2 & (4.5 - 5.5 yrs
Teachers will continually reinforce acceptable behaviors and encourage children by acknowledging their accomplishments.
If an undesirable behavior occurs, the teacher will:
  • Verbally guide the child to the appropriate behavior
  • Redirect the child to a different activity
At all times, the teacher will speak to the child at the child’s eye level in a calm manner.
Unlike other preschools, FGK Preschool offers complete child development even after the regular school hours through its unique after school programme Beyond The Bell which offers an array of activities like dance, music, fitness education, science, math, etiquette classes and many more under one roof.
Yes discount is applied for all siblings after the first child.
Below are list of few of the activities that we conduct as part of this program.

  • Tutions
  • Shloka Classes
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Drawing and painting
  • Abacus
  • Vedic Math
  • Artificial Jewellery Making
Yes, fees are paid during all absences; once a space is confirmed, it is payable whether the child attends or not.
To participate any after school activity, a student must register via registration form available at the respective centers.
Prices are determined based on the number of staff necessary for the activity. Prices are based on the number of session per week and over the entire month, taking into account holidays.
Billing is done on Monthly, Quarterly and annually as per the convenience of parents.
No refund will be provided once the student gets registered and payment is accepted.
This is hard. We staff and devise programs based on the expected number of kids coming, so it can be difficult to change these plans on an ad hoc basis with short notice. With sufficient notice we may be able to meet some requests, but generally we would like to avoid this if at all possible.

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testimonial person The Family Day Event was very well organised.Playing Events, even we remembered our School Days. Along with kids we too enjoyed lot, Thank you FGK Play School HSR Layout.

Lakshmi and Vinay

( Anisha Anusha’s Parents )
testimonial person Unique, Creative ideas to bring in togetherness, fun for the whole family, had a great day at FGK Banshankari.

Sadana & Ambareesha

(Nursery Child Chandan’s Parents)
testimonial person The institution is good for my child’s development. The environment is very good for a child’s learning and development.


( Child Mayukshi’s Mom )
testimonial person School is very Nice for the Education, They teach very Well. My Child enjoys her Play.


( Nursery Child Anvitha’s Mom )
testimonial person Had a good time with all the faculty and other kids family members. Good Work!!!.

Shwetha & Manjunath

( PP1 Child Dhanvi’s Parents )
testimonial person It was a nice event, enjoyed a lot with FGK family. Excellent Work!!!.

Sreekala and Nagaraj

( Nursery Child Swarnika’s Parents )

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