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We build the Best Education environment for children
And direct them to express themselves with clarity.

Age: (6 Months and above)
  • We at First Guide Kidz believe that early childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. It is a small window of time to learn and develop at a pace, which is different and unique for each child.
  • Welcome to the educational and fun filled active daycare, where we have many structured activities planned for our daycare children, which enhances their growth and skills.
  • We maintain 1:10 teacher and children ration along with 1-2 Didi helper/s.
  • Our daycare programme starts for children from the age of 6 months and above, from 8am to 8pm, which is a home away from home.
Daycare Programs
Our features that enhance our thoughts in our “Daycare Programs” are
      • Physical ambiance
      • Hygiene and safety
      • Positive Interactions
      • Daily activities
      • Staff qualifications, training, teacher-to-child ratios
      • Parent involvement

    Physical ambiance

    • Bright and cheerful environment for young children.
    • Plenty of designed space for children to move around.
    • Areas are designed to separate quiet play from active play, including in outdoor play areas. Suitable space for the activity or materials to be used.
    • A variety of learning corners : home living, dramatic play centre, puppet theatre, reading corner and other age appropriate centres, offer children opportunities to engage in a wide range of learning opportunities.

    Health and safety

    • Daily evaluation and assessment of high-quality health and safety practices.
    • Our environments are clean and free of hazards.
    • All the materials are routinely cleaned and checked for safety.
    • Safety precautions are established regarding medication, hand washing, diapering or potty training.
    • Cleaning materials are stored out of reach.

    Positive Interactions

    • We believe in healthy respect for children and adults.
    • We listen to and talk to young children and their families.
    • Our care takers are available and responsive to the children's wants and needs, and understand the importance of development and how it impacts children at different stages.
    • We give lot of importance in helping young children to strive to help them learn skills such as cooperative play and to foster positive peer interactions.
    • They also understand how relationships develop, and take responsibility for the part they play in making positive partnerships with families of children in their care.

    Daily activities

    • Children learn to predict what comes next through consistent routines.
    • Daily activities that allow children to be engaged in meaningful activities and to have some control over their environment will foster a child's choice-making and problem-solving skills.
    • Our care takers actively arrange the environment to allow for independence in young children.
    • Our designed activities stimulate children in all areas of development, including social, emotional, physical, adaptive, cognitive, and communication domains.
    • Our age appropriate activities and routines help in developmental levels of the children being cared for, and individual needs of children.
    • Our highly trained quality care takers are respectful of children's interests and supportive, as well as actively involved in helping children resolve conflicts and problems.

    Staff qualifications, training, teacher-to-child ratios

    • We insist on high-quality relationships between teachers and young children as they are directly linked to better classroom social and thinking skills in subsequent grades.
    • We provide quality and trained child care takers who are important elements for preparing young children for school readiness and also continues to have an impact on children as they move on in school.
    • Our teacher-to-child ratio = 1:10.

    Parent involvement

    • We believe in parents are a child's first teachers and they know their children best
    • Parents are allowed to visit our centres at any point of time to watch our 24 hour CCTV facility.
    • Positive relationships between our teachers and parents are an indicator of quality in child care.
    • Communications are always open, respectful, and no discriminative.

    Some of our activities and their benefits

    Bilateral Coordination: Crafts such as colouring, drawing, cutting, all require your child to use both of their hands together. This skill is important in other areas of their lives as they continue to grow, such as writing, tying shoes, typing and so much more!

    Fine Motor Coordination: In order to draw shapes, cut patterns, and hand writing, your child is required to use their fine motor coordination. These skills similarly translate to other areas of their lives, such as dressing ,eating, and in the academic setting.

    Self Regulation: Crafts that require drying require waiting! This is a great lesson for you child to demonstrate self control and patience. Also, as always things might not go exactly as we hoped! Crafts are a great way to promote flexibility in your child. There is no right or wrong way in exploring one’s own creativity!

    Bonding and fun: Kids will love spending time creating something together (friends, teachers, family members)!

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testimonial person The Family Day Event was very well organised.Playing Events, even we remembered our School Days. Along with kids we too enjoyed lot, Thank you FGK Play School HSR Layout.

Lakshmi and Vinay

( Anisha Anusha’s Parents )
testimonial person Unique, Creative ideas to bring in togetherness, fun for the whole family, had a great day at FGK Banshankari.

Sadana & Ambareesha

(Nursery Child Chandan’s Parents)
testimonial person The institution is good for my child’s development. The environment is very good for a child’s learning and development.


( Child Mayukshi’s Mom )
testimonial person School is very Nice for the Education, They teach very Well. My Child enjoys her Play.


( Nursery Child Anvitha’s Mom )
testimonial person Had a good time with all the faculty and other kids family members. Good Work!!!.

Shwetha & Manjunath

( PP1 Child Dhanvi’s Parents )
testimonial person It was a nice event, enjoyed a lot with FGK family. Excellent Work!!!.

Sreekala and Nagaraj

( Nursery Child Swarnika’s Parents )


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Admissions open for session 2017 -2018

At FGK, we have developed a distinct curriculum
that is designed to nurture and challenge
a child’s diverse intellectual...


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Admissions open for session 2017 -2018

Our core curriculum consists of Practical Life,
Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography and
elements of Science and Art.
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