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At First Guide Montessori Schools, children move freely within their own “child-sized” environment, working with purposeful, self-correcting materials. Children are self-directed, challenged and highly motivated. The busy, yet calm and orderly environment fosters confidence and independence.

Our core curriculum consists of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography and elements of Science and Art. Children engage in varying levels of activities in the multi-aged environment. For instance, younger children may be working with alphabet sound activities while older children may be writing stories - complete with punctuation!

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Children move along their “journey” within the Montessori environment at their own pace, gently guided by the Montessori-certified teacher. The teacher recognizes the importance of providing the child with developmentally-appropriate materials and lessons, with the child’s true inner potential in mind. Montessori believed in providing with challenging and stimulating experiences, a child’s growth and progress are limitless.Quality Early Childhood Experience. First Guide is committed in providing such quality early childhood experience for children and staying true to the philosophy and core principles of Montessori. Children gain academic, social and emotional confidence by interacting in the non-competitive, positive and peaceful environment. They learn to respect themselves, each other and the world around them. They learn not only the academics to prepare them for future education; they learn skills to prepare them for life.


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testimonial person The Family Day Event was very well organised.Playing Events, even we remembered our School Days. Along with kids we too enjoyed lot, Thank you FGK Play School HSR Layout.

Lakshmi and Vinay

( Anisha Anusha’s Parents )
testimonial person Unique, Creative ideas to bring in togetherness, fun for the whole family, had a great day at FGK Banshankari.

Sadana & Ambareesha

(Nursery Child Chandan’s Parents)
testimonial person The institution is good for my child’s development. The environment is very good for a child’s learning and development.


( Child Mayukshi’s Mom )
testimonial person School is very Nice for the Education, They teach very Well. My Child enjoys her Play.


( Nursery Child Anvitha’s Mom )
testimonial person Had a good time with all the faculty and other kids family members. Good Work!!!.

Shwetha & Manjunath

( PP1 Child Dhanvi’s Parents )
testimonial person It was a nice event, enjoyed a lot with FGK family. Excellent Work!!!.

Sreekala and Nagaraj

( Nursery Child Swarnika’s Parents )

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